Helping Subscribers in India Get the Most Out of Their Subscription

Having access to groundbreaking resources via the IEEE Xplore Digital Library allows universities and corporations in India to drive research in key growth sectors. The IEEE Xplore Digital Library provides access to the latest research that inspires innovation and information that fuels industry.

IEEE has a wide range of tools and guides for students, engineers and subscribing libraries to help users get the most out of their subscription.

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IEEE Xplore Training & Resources

IEEE Xplore Training Webinars

IEEE Client Support Managers hold training sessions throughout India on a regular basis.

IEEE Client Services

IEEE Client Support Managers offer customized learning opportunities, in-depth training, helpful search tips, and ways to increase awareness and usage through free, on-site workshops or online webinars.

IEEE Xplore Resources and Help

  • Videos and Training
  • User Tips
  • Personalization & Alerts
  • New Features

IEEE Authorship Tools and Resources

IEEE also has resources available to help students and faculty better understand the publishing process and advice on basic writing tips and submitting a manuscript.

• India Authorship Workshops

India Authorship Workshops

The goal of the IEEE Authorship workshops is to enable engineers, students, faculty, and researchers in India to advance their careers by enhancing their ability to get published and share their research with the scholarly community. IEEE periodically hosts authorship workshops in India. Bookmark this page and follow us on Facebook to get updates.

Recently, IEEE hosted a series of highly successful live authorship workshops in Bangalore, Delhi, and Noida. The session at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi was recorded and is now available for viewing.

Authorship Training Video

Authorship Training Video

An informative video on understanding the research process using the IEEE Xplore Digital Library is available for student researchers in India, presented by Professor Gaurav Sharma.

Author's Tool Kit

Author’s Tool Kit

IEEE offers video tutorials, training guides, user tips, article templates, and much more to help authors submit a paper to IEEE Xplore Digital Library.